According to the Balochistan Human Rights Group, at least 12 Baloch children have drowned in water reservoirs and rivers within a 30-day period.

The water reservoirs, known locally as “hootags,” are natural rainwater ponds in Balochistan. They pose numerous dangers to children, including contaminated water and the presence of other hazards. Many individuals, mostly children, have drowned in these hootags or fallen prey to the local short-snouted crocodile known as “gando.”

The risks associated with hootags include water contamination, the danger of drowning, and attacks by gando. Official statistics indicate that there are around 2,000 hootags in Balochistan, with 1,075 located in Chabahar alone.

List of the Deceased:

  1. Molham Kadkhodaei, 2 years old, son of Akram Mochai, from Kech village, Dashtiari (May 16)
  2. Ayesha Bomir, 3 years old, daughter of Habib, from Khalijabad village, Konarak (May 9)
  3. Haroon Baloch, 8 years old, son of Javed, from Golestan village, Dashtiari (May 11)
  4. Salman Jamkhaneh, 8 years old, son of Khair Mohammad, from Cherk village, Talang district, Qasr-e-Qand (May 5)
  5. Nouman Beshkar, 8 years old, son of Barkat, from Dor village, Dashtiari (May 3)
  6. Mohammad Saleh Afrash, 9 years old, son of Mohsen, from Balad Sarkup, Dashtiari (April 28)
  7. Esma Teromideh (Jedgal), 12 years old, daughter of Seyed Mohammad, from Shahbik Zehi village, Dashtiari (April 25)
  8. Yasna Sheikh, 11 years old, daughter of Abdul Majid, from Rank village (April 23)
  9. Abdul Qader Dehqan, 9 years old, son of Akbar, from Sargan Bala village, Konarak (Drowned in the river – May 14)
  10. Mohammad Sharif Ivazeh, 9 years old, son of Nazar Mohammad, from Pol Khatun area, Sarakhs (Drowned in the river – May 11)
  11. Obeidullah Bahourzehi, 7 years old, son of Zaker, and Haider Dehowari, 9 years old, son of Shoaib (Drowned in the Mat Kour river, Saravan – May 13)

This tragic list underscores the urgent need for measures to ensure the safety of children in these areas.

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