“In the past two weeks, at least four Baloch citizens have been executed. It is worth noting that in 2023, a total of 184 Baloch prisoners faced various charges across 26 cities in Iran, with Zahedan’s prisons witnessing 54 cases and Birjand with 31 having the highest number of inhumane executions. Among these prisoners, there were at least four women. The identities of the individuals executed in these two weeks are as follows: Masoud Rigi, 24 years old from Zahedan, and Hossein Gorgij, 23 years old from Zahedan.”

“In the past two weeks, at least 18 fuel carriers have been targeted and injured in Balochistan. Recent reports highlight widespread incidents of harassment, extortion, and abuse against fuel carriers in various regions of Balochistan by military forces, indicating that all these actions are carried out under higher authorities’ orders. It is noteworthy that, according to annually compiled reports, in 2023, at least 321 fuel carriers were killed or injured in direct shootings by military forces, road accidents, unidentified armed individuals’ shootings, floods, and fires.”

“In the past two weeks, at least five Baloch citizens were killed by the security forces of the Islamic Republic through gunfire. It is worth noting that, according to gathered reports in 2023, direct shootings by military forces have resulted in the death and injury of at least 120 Baloch citizens. Among these cases, 80 individuals lost their lives, and 40 others were wounded, including 9 children and 3 women.

“In the past two weeks, at least 11 Baloch citizens have been detained by security forces and taken to undisclosed locations. Among them is a Baloch artist named Wasim Baloch, and three individuals are associated with the management of Makki mosque. Four of the detainees were participants in the protests against Pakistan’s missile attack on Balochistan. Their whereabouts remain unknown.”

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