Nine Pakistani citizens were killed and three others injured by unidentified individuals in the city of Sirkān, Saravan

According to the Balochistan Human Rights Group, this morning, on January 27, 2024, armed assailants in Sirkān, a suburb of Shastun Saravan, opened fire on Pakistani residents at an auto repair shop, resulting in the tragic death of nine and injury of three others. The identities of four individuals involved are mentioned as Shoaib, Azar, Ashfaq, and Usman.

According to the report, armed individuals raided the residence of these individuals around 2 AM, located inside the auto repair shop, and fired upon them, leading to the death of at least nine and the injury of three others.

It is worth noting that these individuals have been engaged in labor and automotive mechanics in Sirkān for approximately fifteen years, residing in a room within the mechanical workshop.

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