According to Balochistan Human Rights Group, the death sentence was issued for 20-year-old Baloch citizen Kambyz Khorot, who was arrested by intelligence forces in Zahedan on October 01st  , 2022.

Kambiz Khorut was released on bail in early October  and was summoned and arrested again on October 21st.

Kambiz Khorot, born on 12th 01st of February 2002, the son of Mehrullah, a resident of Zahedan, was arrested again in October  from inside his shop in Karimabad area of ​​Zahedan by intelligence forces.

It should be noted that the mentioned person was subjected to severe torture in the intelligence detention center and was not allowed to get a lawyer of his choice. He is currently in Ward (9) of Zahedan Central Prison, where he is not allowed to call or visit.

Cambiz has categorically denied all the charges brought against him in court, but the prosecutor of Zahedan, Mr. Mehdi Shamsabadi, requested  the death sentence for him, and the judge did not pay attention to Cambiz’s defenses.

It should be mentioned that after his death sentence was announced, they were given 20 days to his family to appeal  against the verdict.

It should be noted that Shoaib Mirbaluchzahi Rigi, an 18-year-old Baloch teenager, and Mansour Dehmarde, one of the detainees of the Zahedan protests, were sentenced to death.

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