On Saturday, March 2, 2024, two Baloch political prisoners, who were detained on charges of militancy and disrupting public order after being wounded and detained by military forces on May 7, 2024, began a hunger strike due to the prolongation of their detention and uncertainty. The identities of these two Baloch prisoners are identified as Saeed Naroui, 19, son of Ali Shir, and Vahid Sarani, 21, also known as Raju, son of Aziz. According to this report, Saeed, detained in Ward 1 (Youth) of the Zahedan central prison, started a hunger strike by sewing his lips with a needle and thread, while Vahid was in the process of sewing his lips but was prevented by other inmates. Nevertheless, he joined Saeed in the hunger strike and demanded clarification of their situation.

These two prisoners stated in their testimonies that on the night they were targeted by the Zahedan Police Station No. 12 forces, they were on their way back after purchasing medicine for a newborn baby when they were shot and detained by military forces.

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