On the occasion of World Education Day, UNESCO designates January 24th as a day to emphasize the importance of education for every child. The United Nations General Assembly, highlighting the role of education in promoting peace, better living, and global progress, has approved this initiative.

Some statistics from the Islamic Republic of Iran indicate the existence of 70-80 thousand school dropouts in West Baluchistan, children aged 6 to 15 who either remain out of school or leave education. However, official statistics exclude those without birth certificates. The main reasons exacerbating the issue of dropouts in this region include a lack of educational facilities, inadequate service provision to schools, poverty, and a significant number of unregistered births because of not having a nationality in West Balochistan.

The Education Department of Iran in Sistan and Balochistan has announced that the number of students in the province was 850,000 in the previous academic year, with an estimated 70,000 more to be added in the new academic year. However, in the past year, classrooms were provided for only half of this population.

The average per capita educational space in the Iran is currently 5.22 square meters. Sistan and Baluchistan, with 3.20 square meters, has one of the lowest figures among the 32 provinces. Despite this, the student population in this province shows significant growth compared to the previous year.

In rural areas of West Baluchistan, especially in the Dashtiari district in the southern part of the province, due to a shortage of rural schools and lack of access to rural transportation services, a considerable number of children, especially girls, are deprived of education.

This situation raises concerns about potential violations of human rights, particularly the right to education, as evidenced by the challenges faced by children, especially in the mentioned region.

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