According to Balochistan Human Rights Group on Friday 27th of January 2023, the un-uniformed forces of the Islamic Republic in Zahedan arrested at least one Baloch citizen after street protests.

The identity of this Baloch citizen is Yusef Gorgij, 34-year-old son of Amanullah, married and from Dozap (Zahedan).

According to this report, Yusuf and his brother were stopped and searched by the security forces after performing the Friday prayer before getting into their car. The security forces severely assaulted Yusuf and his brother, and after they found out that his brother has a mental problem, they let him go and took Yusuf with them.

Following the continuation of protests on Fridays in Zahedan and some other cities of Balochistan, the Islamic Republic and the security forces have arrested a large number of Baloch citizens in the last month by intensifying the security atmosphere in Zahedan and its surroundings.

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