An excerpt from the words of Maulvi Abdul Hamid in Friday prayer, 23rd  of December 2022

Maulvi Abdulhamid Ismail Zahi, Imam of Ahl al-Sunnah Zahedan, in his sermons today, 23rd of December, protested  the way protesters were treated and said: “The answer of a stone is not, bullets. Don’t hit someone who doesn’t have a weapon and who hasn’t hit anyone. “By killing and executing people and showing violence, the problems will only increase.”

Referring to the issuance of verdicts by the Revolutionary Courts based on jurisprudential laws such as (muharibeh) and corruption in the world, he said: “Whoever has a word, has an objection, his word should be taken into consideration and he is not corrupt.”

In the continuation of today’s sermons, he said: “Islamic law has rules and rulers, judges and other officials can work within the framework of Islam. “No accused can be beaten, forced to confess and executed without killing a human being.”

Imam Juma Ahl al-Sunnah Zahedan, who had previously supported the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, asked the leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan to cancel the ban on higher education for girls and women. Maulvi Abdul Hamid continued his weekly speech by emphasizing that “capable women are the capital of the nation” and said: “This  is not only the request of Europeans and Americans but also the request of all Muslims and all Islamic scholars.

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