The gradual decline in the population of Balochistan, coupled with daily killings, the highest relative percentage of executions, infant and maternal mortality, the forced deportation of undocumented Baloch people to Pakistan and Afghanistan, the killing of fuel carriers, and suspicious murders, might align with the broader policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These actions seem to facilitate the full implementation of the “Makran Coast Development Plan” under the guise of regional planning or demographic change in Balochistan.

Looking at the international table of average life expectancy in 200 countries and regions worldwide, Balochistan’s plight becomes evident. The average age of death in all these countries and regions, including the lowest ones such as Chad, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Somalia (and all African countries), is higher than that of Balochistan. Pakistan, with over 67 years, Bangladesh with 74 years, Afghanistan with over 64 years, and Palestine with over 74 years, are not comparable to Balochistan.

At the bottom of the global table, Chad stands with an average life expectancy of around 54 years, while the average age of death in Balochistan is now below 51 years. This indicates that Balochistan is not only the most deprived and poorest region in Iran but also ranks at the bottom globally according to international statistics.

This deliberate atrocity is a clear example of silent genocide in Balochistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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