Forty Baloch sailors, who have been imprisoned in the country of Somalia for approximately seven months under torturous and harsh conditions, have sent a video message from inside the prison, appealing to the officials of the Islamic Republic and the public to take action for their release.

The identities of three of these Baloch detainees are known: ‘Essa Jassamani,’ 21 years old, son of Musa, ‘Naser Tootazehi,’ 23 years old, son of Nabi Bakhsh, and ‘Shoaib Raeesi,’ 24 years old, son of Miro, all residents of the Konarak district.

The identities of the other 37 detainees, all Baloch citizens, aged 20 to 40, are not available at the time of this report.

These 40 Baloch sailors from Chabahar and Konarak, who had gone to the waters of the country of Somalia for fishing with two boats and proper permits, were detained by the country’s coast guard. After enduring 6 months and 25 days of torture and being held in poor conditions, each one has been fined $12,000 by a Somali court. So far, none of the Iranian embassy or consulate officials have taken any action to address the situation of these Baloch sailors.”

It is worth mentioning that in previous years, Baloch sailors who went to remote areas for fishing have been taken hostage by pirates in the waters off the coast of Somalia.

It is also noteworthy that the fishing trawlers by Chinese ships in the southern waters of Iran have forced local fishermen to venture into distant waters, leading to various challenges they face.

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