According to Balochistan Human Rights Group, on Sunday, June, 25TH 2023, two Baloch brothers were arrested for carrying and raising Maulvi Abdul Hamid’s banner in Kausar Zahedan square by security forces.

The identity of this Baloch citizens has been identified as “Esmatullah Rigi Maram”, 25 years old, and “Gasem Rigi Maram” (Bismullah), 20 years old, both from Kausar Zahedan region.

In  June 22nd , when a number of Zahedan youths installed the banner of Molavi Abdul Hamid in Kausar Square, the license plate of Asmat’s car was recorded by CCTV cameras and the security forces arrested him by raiding his house on Sunday.

After the arrest of Ismatullah, his younger brother (Qasim), who had followed up on his brother’s condition, was  also arrested by the forces of the Ministry of Intelligence, and there is no information about their condition so far.

It should be noted that with the continuation of protests in Zahedan and the foiling of the plot to poisoning  Maulvi Abdul Hamid, the arrest of Baloch citizens by the security agencies has intensified, so that on Friday, the second of June 23rd , dozens of people were arrested in the cities of Zahedan, Rask, Pishin and Iranshahr.

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