According to Balochistan Human Rights Group, on January 07th , 2023, IRGC intelligence forces arrested two female citizens at their home in Zahedan city.

The identity of these two citizens has been stated as “Ghazal Pakzad” born in 1371, from Zabul, clothing designer and “Rehane Pakzad”, women’s swimming coach, who are both sisters and residents of Zahedan.

It is said that the IRGC intelligence forces arrested these two sisters yesterday on charges of activities in cyberspace and supporting  protests.

According to this report, after the arrest of Reyhane and Ghazal, IRGC intelligence forces seized the Instagram pages of these two citizens and stated on the pages that these people were arrested for disobeying the laws of the Islamic Republic and publishing criminal content, and their administrators were prosecuted.

It should be mentioned that the mother of these two citizens was admitted to the hospital and she does  not know about the condition of her daughters.

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