According to Balochistan Human Rights Group, today, January,08th , 2023, Kerman prison authorities executed the death sentence of two Baloch prisoners .

The identity of these two prisoners has been stated as “Mohammed Rasul Shah Bakhsh” (Noti Zahi), 44 years old, son of Anoushirvan, married with several children, and “Akhtar Mohammad” .

Hal Vash news agency quoted a source and wrote: Mohammad Rasool was injured in 2014 by direct fire from military forces and 8 bullets hit his stomach and leg, and then arrested.

According to this report, this Baloch citizen has been sentenced to death by the Kerman Revolutionary Court without having the right to choose a lawyer. Although the Supreme Court violated its verdict four times, Judge Ghorbani, the head of branch one of the Kerman Revolutionary Court, said that you should be executed.

This source further added that no substances were found in his car and Mohammad Rasool denied the accusation of drugs against him, but the court issued him a death sentence regardless of his statements.

It should be noted that Judge Ghorbani, the head of branch one of Kerman Revolutionary Court, has issued the most death sentences for prisoners, especially Baloch prisoners.

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