According to Balochistan Human Rights Group, the death sentence of a Baloch woman imprisoned in Kerman prison, which was issued on March 15th , 2022, in connection with drug charges by the first branch of the Kerman Revolutionary Court, was confirmed for the second time and referred to the execution of Kerman prison sentences.

The identity of this female prisoner “Zarkhatun Mazarzehi”, born in 1977, from Saravan, resident of Khash city, married with one daughter and the head of the family, and her husband has already died.

According to this report, on 30 December , 2017, Mrs. Mazarzehi was arrested by the forces stationed at the checkpoint while she was planning to leave for Shiraz.

It is said that Ms. Mazarzehi was arrested at the checkpoint on the charge of carrying explosives inside the bus, which she has repeatedly denied.

Ms. Mazarzahi stated in her statements in court that the discovered materials did not belong to her, but the court sentenced her to death regardless of her defense.

According to an informed source, due to lack of financial ability to hire an experienced lawyer and effectively defend his claim of innocence, he was finally sentenced to death by the first branch of Kerman Revolutionary Court on Sunday  13th , February 2022.

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