According to Balochistan Human Rights Group, on October30th,2022, a Baloch citizen from Nikshahr city was arrested by IRGC intelligence forces on the way from Jask to Bandar Abbas, and there is no information about his latest situation.

The identity of this Baloch citizen, “Morad Danesh”,  son of Panjshanbeh, from Shegim village, Nikshahr city, has been confirmed.

It is said that Murad shouted slogans against the Islamic Republic in his village and on the roof, and two days later, he was arrested by IRGC intelligence forces while he was going to Bandar Abbas for work.

According to this report, his arrest was accompanied by severe beating and after that he was transferred to an unknown place

The security forces of Nikshahr city raided his house in Shagim village on November 02nd and searched his house without showing a court order.

The family of this citizen is from a weak segment of the society in terms of economy and they are not able to pursue his case and hire a lawyer.

The lack of information about the health status and where he kept for more than a month has worried his family.

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